We want passionate, forward thinking, resilient, team players, who share our values and commitment to being the best we can be. Use these processes and tools to hire the right people efficiently.

Employment agreements and changes in status

The wide range of services we provide means that we have many different roles. This section explains our employment agreements and how you can put the right terms and conditions of employment in place. It also explains the correct use of various employment options such as; temporary, part-time, casual etc employment and helps you to generate correct employment offers.


The first three months are critical for everyone. Comprehensive on boarding takes time but your payback is a team member who quickly becomes settled and fully productive. Find out what your main onboarding responsibilities and activities for the first three months are in this section.

Setting Expectations

Opportunities to set high expectations and standards are all around us. This section covers how you can set and maintain high standards of performance and behavior both personally and in your team.

Health and Safety

Our Health & Safety Policy commits us to the wellbeing of team members and providing a working environment and systems free from risk of injury or disease for our employees, contractors, volunteers, and visitors. As a manager, it is your responsibility to both understand our H&S approach and ensure we deliver on these responsibilities particularly in your part of our business.


We are committed to creating a workplace environment where the health and well-being of team members is highly valued. See our range of wellbeing benefits here.

Growing Engagement

Engagement is vital to our success because it drives retention, performance, customer service, discretionary effort and ultimately determines whether we will achieve our vision. This section outlines how you, as a manager you can directly influence your teams engagement levels.


Getting Back on Track

When performance or behaviour goes ‘off track’, your job is to tackle the problem early, understand it, and work with the individual to resolve it promptly. This section covers our GBOT intervention process, some common problems and advice on handling them.

Performance Development

This section covers our performance development process. It explains our process, how it fits in our annual business cycle and explains the online system we use. It covers how to prepare for successful PDP conversations and keep them running throughout the year. You’ll find step-by-step resources for managers and employees including how to align individual goals with business goals and hold goal setting and ‘on-track’ review conversations.

Feedback & Coaching

You can support with timely, honest feedback. This section gives tips for delivering feedback and coaching to build capability.


It is important our team members use annual leave to remain refreshed and healthy. As a manager you need to understand and manage a variety of leave entitlements, and approve leave requests whilst also ensuring that business requirements are met. This section describes these entitlements.

Non-Disciplinary Termination

This section helps you understand and handle a variety of circumstances which result in the employment relationship coming to an end other than as a result of resignation or disciplinary action.

Discipline & Dismissals

Your responsibilities as a leader include ensuring your team understands our standards of behaviour and performance. While generally disciplinary action is a last resort you should not hesitate to take disciplinary action in accordance with our disciplinary procedure policies outlined in this section.


Most resignations are straightforward but some raise issues you need to manage correctly. Learn more about our resignation process in this section.

Employment Problems

Employees may raise a range of employment relationship problems with us which, if not sorted out quickly and satisfactorily, can ultimately become personal grievances which need to be solved through a legal process. This section outlines our process for resolving employment relationship problems.

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As managers, our role is to ensure our people are appropriately rewarded through their remuneration and the other elements of our total rewards approach. Set out in this section is the information and guidance you need to play your part in rewarding our people for their contribution.


Becoming an effective delegator will leverage your time and grow the capability of your team. Good delegation involves setting clear expectations and monitoring progress appropriately. Use the tips in this section to delegate effectively.



Becoming an effective delegator will leverage your time and grow the capability of your team. Good delegation involves setting clear expectations and monitoring progress appropriately. Use the tips in this section to delegate effectively.

On the Job Training

The best job training happens at work. In this section we introduce a range of proven options you can use for developing your people on the job. These involve using our ‘experts’ or carefully chosen external people as teachers or coaches to help your employees develop capability they need now and in the future.

Learning and development

One of our prime responsibilities as a manager is to grow the capability of our team members. We are also committed to giving our team members every opportunity to excel in their jobs.   Council supports learning & development to ensure people perform at higher levels, improve job satisfaction and to maintain competence in fields of expertise.

Living Our Values

Our values determine how we go about our delivering on our vision. They should drive, guide and inspire you and your team - every day.

Leading Change

Delivering successful change requires real leadership, skillful management and the right tools. Use the guides in this section to help you be a successful change leader.