Lack of understanding of job requirements

Lack of understanding of job requirements

Performance Issue – Lack of understanding of job requirements. Typically the employee knows how to do the job but has got his one priorities wrong or is putting their effort in the wrong place.

Solution – Redirection , clarifying priorities, resetting expectations.
You need to give redirection when an employee’s performance problem appears to be caused by a lack of understanding or awareness about the job requirements or standards expected.

Use the setting expectations conversation plan making sure that:

  • The employee acknowledges performance is not acceptable and agrees improvement is required.
  • Together you have identified the areas where job requirements, performance standards are unclear.
  • Together you have clarified future requirements and standards.
  • Any confusion about priorities is resolved.
  • Employee is confident they can deliver the performance required.

Continued poor performance should result in a PIP or Disciplinary Action.