Feedback and Coaching

Feedback and Coaching

Once we have put clear expectations in place our people are set up for success. You can now support that success in a couple of ways. First, with timely, honest feedback to motivate and correct, and secondly with a structured, coaching approach to address weaknesses, grow experience and capability.

Here are some tips for delivering feedback and coaching to build capability:

Your responsibility is to:
  • Give your team regular feedback on performance and behaviours
  • Reinforce good performance/behaviour and challenge unacceptable performance or behaviour early
  • Regularly seek feedback on your own performance
  • Coach your peoples development identifying needs together and supporting improvement.


Valid feedback, when properly given and well meant, can make all the difference between success and failure. Feedback provides us with information as to what is working and what is not. We should all view feedback is an opportunity to expand our understanding of how others see us and use the feedback as a tool for achieving positive results. The ability to give ‘courageous’ and constructive feedback is an essential management skill. Use the  tips for giving feedback and the conversation plan to master this valuable activity. Watch our video on giving feedback.

Coaching to build capability

Coaching is a form of training to develop the ability and experience of your people by giving them systematically planned and progressively more ‘stretching’ tasks to perform, combined with continuous assessment and support. Like a good sports coach you can use the following coaching techniques to address areas for development and grow the capability of individual team members. Use the tips for coaching to identify the need for improvement and document the plan to improve using the coaching plan template.