We actively support the health and well-being of team members. As managers, it’s our responsibility to be active in this area.

Your Responsibilities
  • Ensure your team are trained for their duties.
  • Monitor workloads and hours worked to avoid overloading people.
  • Monitor leave balances to ensure staff are taking their full holidays.
  • Discuss potential staff wellbeing issues with your manager/HR.
  • Carefully monitor all sickness absences where stress may be a factor.
  • Discuss abnormal absence patterns with your manager/HR.
  • Encourage your team to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and for taking rest and meal breaks as agreed.
  • Where possible, support team members with manageable health problems or disabilities to remain in work.

Wellbeing related benefits

To assist team members with their wellbeing we offer staff a range of benefits to enhance their wellbeing. These include:

  • Occupational health monitoring
  • Half price gym/swim memberships with Jetts, YMCA or Olympic Pool
  • Influenza vaccine
  • Discounted medical group scheme with Southern Cross

Work place support – Our EAP program

Assistance Available: It’s our policy to provide team members with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The aim of the service is to provide a confidential source of advice on issues of concern to them.

Types of issues EAP can assist with
  • Stress and pressure – personal or work
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Workplace issues and changes
  • Bullying and harassment support
  • Anger and conflict issues
  • Relationship and family matters
  • Grief and loss
  • Addictions
  • Life transition and personal development
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Career planning
  • Budgeting and financial assistance

Team members can contact EAP Services directly to arrange support:

Phone: 0800327669 or visit eapservices.co.nz
Costs: As part of our commitment to team member well-being we will pay for up to 3 sessions with a counsellor.

Medical examinations and tests

Where we think a person’s mental or physical condition causes them to be a risk to themselves or others or to unable to carry out their full normal duties we can require them to be examined (at our expense) by a medical practitioner of our choosing. This may include a drug or alcohol test. Reasons you might require such a test include; to assess their ability to work properly and/or safely, to ascertain whether work or the work environment is affecting their health and safety or to assess them after injury or illness that may be work-related or result in prolonged absence from work.

Access to medical information

Where necessary to help us make an informed decision as regards a team members medical state we can request access to medical information to the extent necessary to assess their ability to perform their work and to access records of treatment relating to work-related injuries.

Medical incapacity

We may terminate a team members employment as a result of physical or mental illness where the team member is rendered incapable of proper ongoing performance of their duties. We have a process for managing these cases and where you consider such termination a possibility you should have early discussions with your manager/HR.