Restructuring and redundancy

Restructuring and redundancy


Restructuring is the process whereby we review the business environment and then take steps to alter the organisation or scale of some part of our business structure to meet future requirements. Restructuring commonly results in redundancies.


Redundancy means a situation where an employee’s employment is terminated by BigApple, and that termination is attributable, wholly or mainly, to the fact that the position filled by the person is, or will become, superfluous to the needs of BigApple. Redundancy may also include a situation where we make a significant change to the employees job content or terms and conditions of employment. The nature of BigApple business involves fluctuation in workload is contract start and finish, and consequently the number of staff required fluctuates. BigApple contractual position with employees is that, if redundancies are required, BigApple reserves the right to select staff for redundancy on the basis that retain staff who by reason of skills and attributes are, in BigApple’s opinion, necessary for continuing operations.

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Use the following processes and documents when commencing a business restructure.  You should also talk with your manager before commencing a restructuring or redundancy process.