We are committed to supporting our employees to grow and make the fullest contribution they can to our business. We see learning and development as a shared responsibility between ourselves and employees. Our Learning Management System contains a great variety and depth of training materials across the full range of jobs and skills required. Set out below are a variety of learning and development options available ranging from specialist programs for technical skill development to general initiatives such as on-the-job training to develop capability in the workplace. For specific advice on training options available contact HR.

On-the-Job Training

The best job training happens at work.  On the job training (OJT) teaches skills, knowledge and behaviours that are needed to perform a specific job within the workplace and work environment. It involves using our ‘experts’ or carefully chosen external people as teachers or coaches to help your employees develop capability they need now and in the future. We have identified 7 excellent options for providing on-the-job training to employees. Read more…..

Leading Change

As leaders we are expected to be progressive, forward looking and constantly look for ways to improve the organisation. Leading change successfully is challenging and takes skill, planning and support. We have provided a range tools to help you plan and implement change. Read More….


Effective delegation is a skill you can develop which delivers a genuine ‘win-win’ result. It not only grows your employee’s capability but increases your personal effectiveness. The key is to make a conscious choice about how much autonomy you give. Think of it as choosing which of  6 levels of delegated freedom to give based on the capability of the individual and the risks/consequences if it ‘goes wrong’.  Use the tips for effective delegation and delegation conversation plan to choose the level of delegation and delegate effectively.  Read More…

Leadership Development

Leadership is considered a mastery skill, something all leaders need to continue to work on and develop over their career. We expect anyone responsible for leading people or functional business areas  to be awake, aware and practicing conscious leadership. Read More…

Our Values

Our values represent our principles and priorities.  They tell a story about how we work together, as a great organisation,  supporting a great community. We bring them to life when recruiting, through induction, when setting expectations and standards. We encourage them with feedback, praise, performance management and coaching. We recognise them with opportunity, delegation and remuneration.  They should drive, guide and inspire our team – every day.  Read More…