Living Our Values

Living Our Values

Our values represent our principles and priorities.  They tell a story about how we work together, as a great organisation,  supporting a great community. We bring them to life when recruiting, through induction, when setting expectations and standards. We encourage them with feedback, praise, performance management and coaching. We recognise them with opportunity, delegation and remuneration. They should drive, guide and inspire our team – every day.

Your responsibility is to make our values a reality by…

  • Knowing our values – living them in word and action.
  • Only hiring people whose track record shows they share our values.
  • Ensuring your team understand our values – and their importance.
  • Bringing our values to life in the work of your team – through what we do and how we do it.
  • Praising behaviour that demonstrates our values.
  • Challenging behaviour inconsistent with our values.

Our values


Our communities are at the centre of everything we do.   Our community focus is done with a feeling of guardianship/kaitiakitanga for the resources and services we create, maintain and protect on behalf of our community.


A sense and an action of unity. We are many different teams, partners and communities working together, collaboratively, for a common goal – the wellbeing (social, economic, environmental, cultural) of the community.  We nurture the learning and development of our people and work towards a culture of trust and transparency.  We care for the wellbeing, safety, learning, diversity of skills and culture of our people.


We create positive experiences for our customers, from the day to day, to the exceptional.  We invest in learning and developing new and better ways of doing things.  We are helping shape the future of the community, creating an attractive living environment, in ways that are sustainable and promote best possible value for our customers.


We have pride in what we do, putting excellent, efficient, effective services and service first which leads naturally to a sensational customer experience.  We aspire to a culture of excellence, getting it right the first time, manaakitanga.  We care for our customers and our people.